July 16th, 2008

Panik - Together Forever

I wanted to show off my new icons :)

German bands are addictive and it seems thanks to lirren and yuvi and sarahsan and tiggerdabounce2 I've picked up another one.

These boys are called Panik and I knew I was sunk as soon as I started making icons. :D

If you would like any of them, please feel free to take them :).

Oh and the The Anonymous Band Kinkathon is still going strong, we have 10 fics now (all linked in the main post, latest one added today). There is no time limit on this game, so feel free to keep submiting kinks and writing fic :).

Okay ...

I succumbed thanks to it being all over my flist, and it's really funny; go watch!

BTW - it is only up for the week, so watch it now and then, as dangerous_47 mentioned, buy the DVD when it comes out.

[Edit: Do your eyes get strangely drawn to Nathan's nipples as well, or is it just me? :P ]

[Edit2: has new icon - couldn't help myself ::eg::]
TH - Georg - I know something

Hmmm ....

I'm watching Ghost Hunters International and am giggling to myself because they have subtitled one of the Kiwis and the Irish guy. That amuses me more than it should ::g::. Their accents aren't that heavy :D.