June 9th, 2008

TH - Bill see the light

Euro 2008

I probably won't be watching most of the games - I find a lot of the games boring and if I do happen to be cheering for someone I tend to get a little ... um ... forceful with my language :), but at least I can cheer for the team I have in the office sweepstakes without guilt this time. Last time we had a football sweepstake I had Portugal and in the England/Portugal match I was torn (can't remember which tournament it was). This time I have Germany! Yay!

I was so pleased when I pulled them out of the hat :). Having seem Yuvi's picspam the team are quite cute too :P. I can cheer for German boys in the charts and German boys on the pitch ::g::.
TH - Wrath of Kaulitz the Younger

Oh bollocks!!!!

I just deleted a whole load of emails I didn't want to and then managed to purge my Bin folder on Gmail. *pout* I was trying organise my LJ comments and I had forgotten I had several of them selected when I deleted a new one that came in. I am an idiot! Now I will have to go through every post and figure out what I haven't answered. *growl*