June 6th, 2008


Y'know how...

... you have fond memories and sometimes it's best not to mess with them?

Well I used to be a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast (the TV show with Vincent and Katherin) - used to watch it every week when it was first shown in the UK. Loved every second of it. Then we get this new channel on SKY called Zone Romantica and joy of joys, it's showing Beauty and the Beast ... hmmm ... yeah ... not quite so stunning as I remember it.

If Katherin speaks in the soft, angsty voice for much longer, I might have to slap the bitch and if they would just drop some of the woe-is-me I might not want to throw something through the TV. Obviously I cannot take the OD of flangst that I used to be able to. Some eps are still really good (usually the ones just about Down Below [that could cound really bad couldn't it ;)]), but others make me a little homicidal :D