June 5th, 2008

Moon child - Midnight Angels


Finally got Soph to watch Moon Child :D Not sure what she thought of it since she hasn't really told me yet, but she sat through it, laughed in the right places and did not make scathing comments, so I am hopeful.

Soph dropped me off home last night and I offered her a cup of tea and then we sat down and then mysteriously we were watching a DVD ... it was the first time that when I actually suggested we watch Moon Child she said yes.

I'm still not sure how it is I like that movie so much. It has every cliche in the book; I fear Gackt never met a cliche he didn't like, but it's so well executed you don't care. It could really, very easily have been a train wreck of a movie, but it isn't. I can watch it over and over again.