June 2nd, 2008

TH - Wrath of Kaulitz the Younger

Birthdays and stuff

I'm still running behind on MMOM, one fic to go and it's about half done. It's not a very short one as you can probably guess, not huge, but not short. I thought it would be nice to round off MMOM with a slightly bigger one. The only problem being that other things keep getting in my way! The universe is conspiring against me.

So on to birthdays :)
Happy Birthday to:
hey_mockingbird for the 1st,
laeb, sleepytee and elrienne for tomorrow
djin7, evening_rose and kokamo for the 4th,
toyish, calenia and pureblood_queen for the 5th,
confusedreality, halatia, the_red_queen and morganmuffle for the 6th,
melted_snowdrop and kitty_z_finn for the 7th and
redbitez and queixo for the 8th
TH - sweet and innocent?

Zusammen - Durch den Monsun

August 15th will be the third anniversary of the release of Durch den Monsun, the song that launched Tokio Hotel's career. We at Tokio Hotel International wanted to do something special to mark this three year milestone. So we're going to put together a new video, but to make it really amazing, we need YOU!

We would like you to send us pictures of yourself that were inspired by the song. You could pose with an umbrella, or dancing in the rain or whatever you like, as long as it shows us some link to the song. We will be compiling all the pictures onto a stormy background, and combining them with all the different versions of Durch den Monsun. Then on August 15th we will post the video on YouTube for everyone to enjoy, along with sending a copy to the band on CD.

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