March 12th, 2008

TH - sweet and innocent?

So I was thinking ...

... yes again, sorry :)

This is a question to the writers out there: How do you decide how long a chapter is going to be?

  • Do you decide that your chapters are going to be so many words/pages in advance?
  • Do you write the whole fic and divide into chapters later?
  • Do you decide on a topic for a chapter and then keep writing until that topic is exhausted?
  • Something else...?

Personally I tend to write until I'm almost done, then I go back and divide basically on length (I don't like chapters to be less than 10 pages in MSWord), then look at topics within the draft chapters and see if scenes need to be moved from one chapter to another.

I'm curious because I've noticed some fics that are divided into posting parts on what I would think of a scene level, and I've seen some books like that too, where as I always think in longer lengths and short fics I only divide if LJ can't cope with it all in one post :). I think my feeling on post length comes from the mailing list days when that length was about right for one email ::g::.
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