February 4th, 2008


Y'know what really annoys me?

People who will not stand up and be counted.

Every one has different opinions in fandom; I get that, it's part of human nature. It makes the fandom diverse. But I firmly believe that if you cannot say something and attach your name to it then it's not worth saying. It's not like your life is being threatened because of your opinion; you're not going to be arrested. Hiding behind anonymous is asking for trouble and wank; it's cowardly.

The only place I see the hate in TH fandom is th_secrets and it seems so childish and backstabbing (I see wank elsewhere, but really, that's the only place there is real hate). I know that people gather in other places and talk about what they like and don't like from all sides of the spectrum ... that's why there are lots of different places ... that doesn't bother me. If you want to get with your friends and say how much you dislike twincest or how much you love it; that's fine. What I really cannot stand, however, is trying to make other people feel bad and not having the guts to put your name to it. Personally I think trying to make other people feel bad is not nice and completely against common etiquette, but if you're going to do it, at least have the balls to be honest about it being you who said it.

If you're embarrassed to put your name to something there is probably a very good reason for it and you shouldn't be posting it!

Anonymous around here almost invariably equals bad.
TH - sweet and innocent?

Show don't tell ...

Okay, so I've been thinking, what with the dicussion of beta readers on th_fanfic and I thought I'd share one of my writing fundamentals that I try to work by. Now I in no way wish to imply that I have godlike abilities and am the most wonderful writer in the world :), I just wanted to share one of the things I've picked up along the way. I have picked up many gems from others who have been kind enough to drop pearls of wisdom in my path.

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I just managed to smack myself in the face with a crisp tray of all things. I was putting the washing in the dryer and the plastic tray was hanging over the side and I caught it with the wet washing just as I was leaning over to put it in the dryer. It flew up and smacked me right between the eyes and now I have a lump on my nose. Ow! For a moment I couldn't work out what I'd done; it was such a shock.

I hope it doesn't bruise too badly; I'm going out to dinner tomorrow and if it bruises I'll look like a refugee from Mad Max. At least I missed my eyes - I feel like such a tit! :)