Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Don't you just love it when things go downhill?

Webring have just shot themselves in the arse!

For a bit of background I'm a long term Webring user, I manage 7 rings and have 71 memberships in other rings, and out of the blue Webring have just announced that if you want to manage more than 2 rings and have more than 5 memberships you have to pay them for the service. As you can guess this is not something I am willing to do - I only took over the rings because they were abandoned in the first place. The only way I can see to get round this is to create lots of new accounts and transfer my rings to them. Looks like I need 14 Webring accounts if I can be bothered, which I really can't. Looking at my sites stats I don't get many hits from the rings anyway, so why even try?

Most people are just going to bail - I've already seem six or seven rings go up for adoption today which is obviously ring managers ditching the smaller rings.

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