December 12th, 2007

Myv - Cheese

AdventDrabble day12, Decorations, Jrock, none, G

Title: Decorations
Author: Beren
Fandom: Jrock
Pairing: none
Rating: G

Miyavi looked at the tinsel in his hands and then at the room. It would be Christmas soon and the whole world knew he loved sparkly, colourful things, so he had taken it on himself to decorate the group's practice room. He was sure Yoshiki wouldn't mind. It did rather look like a box of decorations had exploded, but it was more about enthusiasm than artistic taste when it came to tinsel anyway; he was sure it was.

The look on Gackt's face would be priceless at least and with that thought he put the tinsel on their singer's microphone.
TH - Danke

Had a lovely, lovely birthday

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes; it was so lovely *hugs you all*

I had a really lovely day and I'm pretty sure Soph did too ... I know she did once we met up in the evening :). We met at my parents' house at about six and did the pressie thing (with a glass of bubbly on the side :)), and then we went to dinner at some friends and, wow, was it lovely.

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NME Awards

Asking for your help again please.

The highly successful UK magazine, NME have opened up the polls for the NME Awards 2008 and it would be great if we can get Tokio Hotel in there.

To vote you have to register which you can do if you click here

The Tokio Hotel Myspace think the band deserve the following, we agree :):

Best International Band: Tokio Hotel
Best New Band: Tokio Hotel
Best Live Band: Tokio Hotel
Best Track: Tokio Hotel - 'Ready Set Go' *
Best Video: Tokio Hotel - 'Ready Set Go' *
Best Music DVD: Tokio Hotel - 'Live in Europe'
Best Website:

Once you have registered you may vote in as many categories and as many times as you like.

Source Tokio Hotel Myspace