November 12th, 2007


Stuff and birthdays...

Spent all of Thursday evening and Friday evening (with Soph's help) making choccies for our Church Autumn Market. Knackering, but worth it. My stall made £80 which was really good going. Consequently though I was so tired Sat night that Rob and I watched Eragon (why does everyone hate it so ... I thought it was superb - the odd plot hole the size of a dragon, but very well done never-the-less) and then fell into bed at 8:30.

I think someone may have given me caffiene too ... last night I didn't sleep a wink. I was tossing an turning all night and although I'm tired I still feel awake, which is what caffiene is usually like.

That's what I'm blaming my total diorganisation on this morning. I brought the wrong copy of my hd_holidays fic with me to work ... luckily I have the details in my head and I know which scene I need to work on so I can still do some writing at lunch :). Was supposed to finish it at the weekend, but failed *hangs head in shame*.

Ah well, enough about me :)

Happy Birthday to:
saddle_tramp, plotqueen and phoenix_starr for today,
spinifex_faerie, ponderosa121 and wellowned for tomorrow,
eviljade for the 14th,
vampsarecool, xrain_princessx and mysteryqueen for the 15th and
medalline and nefernat for the 16th
I hope you all have lovely days.
TH - Bill lol

LOL - had to just quote this

The guys in the office got onto the subject of the Nepolionic wars and one said "Every one was rubbish except the British" to which another replied "That's because they didn't have Sharpe."
I love the weird converstaions we have sometimes ::g::.

Advent Drabble

Okay, remember the fun we had with Advent Drabbles last year? Anyone want to play again this year? adventdrabbles

[Edit: for those who are not Christian, don't let the name put you off, you're quite welcome to write winter/other faith drabbles as well - it's just that Advent gives me the excuse to do this :).

For those who are confused, the idea is to write 24 drabbles, one for each day of Dec leading up to Christmas. You can do all of them in the same fandom or pick from various fandoms.]

Poll #1087233 Advent drabble

Who would like to participate in Advent Drabbles this year?

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