October 31st, 2007


Calling all Opera users

Hi all, I have a question for all people using the latest Opera version 9.24.

Are you having any problems with PHP sites? The cutenews and Joomla on THI don't seem to work in my copy of Opera anymore and I don't know if it's my settings or what. Would someone also using Opera 9.24 mind taking a look for me here:

It's when using the comments that things don't work - Opera seems to lose the details of the post so it can't be found. It works in my other browsers and it used to work in Opera before the last auto-upgrade, but now it doesn't anymore.

I thought it might just be Cutenews, but I've been playing with Joomla as well (a more sophisticated PHP ap) and it seems to have the same problem in places.

Thanks for any help.
TH - Danke

New Tokio Hotel UK Promotion Project

Kerrang!, an incredibly popular UK rock mag, is having a reader's poll. The winners of the poll will be featured in their December issue and we would like to see TH in there.

We're late to the fight and several thousand votes behind so let's get voting - you can vote and then just click the back button and vote again straight away. Thanks.

Click here to go to the voting page

There are many many categories, but the suggested plan is that you at least vote for TH in the following two:

Best New Band
Best Band

Kerrang were not overly fond of the UK gig so it would be really brilliant to show them how many fans are out here and that we would like to see lots of Tokio Hotel articles in their mag.

Thank you for voting.

Source: Official UK Street Team