August 24th, 2007

TH - Danke

Tokio Hotel Single

The great day has arrived!

What day? I hear you ask.

Why the day you can finally purchase Tokio Hotel's 'Ready, Set, Go' in the UK for download!

Please support the boys and download their debut UK single - Ready, Set, Go!

Buy it here:

or wherever you usually get your downloads.

Shout it from the roof tops and get everyone you can think of the buy it, please :)

The hard copies are out on Monday along with the other tracks from the singles for download.

This is it, the first official UK release.
TH - tom smile

Fic search

Dear flist, I come seeking your aid once more.
I am converting a friend to slash *smiles in case she reads this* and we were talking about popslash. Now I used to have the links to two wonderful popslash stories that I would like to pass on, but have managed to lose them.

They're both NSYNC stories:
in the first, one of the band is turned into a llama
in the second is where they are all fish in a tank

Please, please can you help me find them.

Thanks for any help *hugs*

P.S. Does anyone have a link to the one with the zombies as well - all I really remember about it is there being a zombie blowjob at some point.