June 20th, 2007

TH - tom smile


I met Tokio Hotel (along with Soph and Tiff and Helen and Raz and Claire ... and four other lovely lasses who's names never came up)! It still feels a little surreal.

Sorry, having just come home from the gig to an empty house (my hubby is away on business in the States) I had to squee to someone and you're it :).

TH fans - if you think they're sexy on vids and in piccies, you won't believe what they're like in person. I do have to admit that when they walked into the room my brain froze for a mo as my hormones exploded into overdrive. All four members of the band are simply gorgeous and lovely and such sweet guys. They really are as pleasant and lovely as they seem, and Georg's little 'I know something you don't know' smile should be listed as a lethal weapon because it's quite capable of stopping hearts.

I shall squee more tomorrow, but I have to be up in five hours time so I am going to bed.