May 31st, 2007


Go and be counted

(gakked from dacro

fandom_counts - set up by vichan,
We want to count how many fandomers (any fandom) are out there. You don't have to do anything except join the community. There are no posts, so no need to friend it.

Read the user info, click join, and pimp.

Go Fandom!

The 7 day response - one idea to make Six Apart take notice. (Please note the edits at the bottom that there may be light dawning).

Good recap post

Another interesting post about the whole debacle

Nicely unbiased, factual listing of happenings

Hope - a Six Apart person talking about the problem on Metafilter (gakked from temaris

Finally - Official News post from LJ


Anyone else not able to see their LJ?
I get all the info and stuff, but I get "Database busy" when trying to view the content entries and my flist. It is most frustrating.

Me thinks that LJ is going nuts while they try to fix things.

Phew, seems to be working again.