May 16th, 2007

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MMOM - delay

Sorry, MMOM is going to be a bit late today; it kind of ran away with me and I'm just finishing it now. It'll be up as soon as I'm done and Soph has read it. Thanks for your patience :). It's up.
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MMOM 16 - Band Mates - Tokio Hotel RPS - Gustav/Bill, Georg/Tom

Title: MMOM 16 - Band Mates
Author: Beren
Fandom: Tokio Hotel RPS
Pairing: Gustav/Bill, Georg/Tom
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: wanking, Fey
Summary: Sequel to Heritage - The blue moon is causing problems again, this time in a much bigger way.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta - she sys she thinks MMOM limited me too much and that it deserves a rewrite after MMOM is over to include more things :). Might happen - you never know!
Word count: 5,503
Link: Other MMOM fic
Link:Other Fic

I am such a lucky author. pandora_gold, a very talented artist, has done fanart for this fic. Click on the teaser to see it in all its glory.

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I've written 46,000 words for mmom so far, 42,500 of those words in finished fics. I think there are going to be more words than last year since I'm only 6,000 away from that total already :).

This information is probably only of interest to me, but I felt like sharing ;).