April 20th, 2007


I hate my hormones ...

My hormones are a pain in the proverbial! There are certain times of the month when I just can't bring myself to write sex.

So far I have written 8,300 wrds of 8 different MMOM fics and there's lots of setup, lots of kissing and nothing else!!!!! Last week I couldn't write anything but sex. It's really quite frustrating, like this morning, Gustav had his drumsticks ready, was all about to use them [Edit - yes, if you brains went where I think they went you're probably right about what he was going to use them for ;)] and bamm, my brain flicked to plot for another one of the fics. I know in a couple of days all will once again be right with the world and I'll be able to go back and fill in all the bits I've had to leave out, but I'd really like to finish one or two of them now :).