April 17th, 2007



My "How to Draw Yaoi" book has been delayed. *pout* I was really looking forward to getting that this week. *shakes fist at Amazon*

Oh ... just went and looked at my account; it's only delayed by a day, I might forgive them. Usually when I get delay messages it means I'm going to be waiting weeks (like I still don't have my Spring Night CD from Amazon.de) *growl*
TH - sweet and innocent?

Been thinking ...

Anyone doing the Merry Month of Masterbation this year? I'm uhmming and ahhing and considering going down the RPS route this year.

For those mystified - May is the Merry Month of Masterbation and the challenge is to write one drabble/fic about self love for every day in May :). I did Supernatural last year and it was fun.

[Edit: Artists could do sketches or drawings too :)]
[Edit2: Oh and last year it seemed to be a general consensus of opinion that if it wasn't full on sex, it counted: toys, hands, other peoples hands ...]