January 2nd, 2007


Just a couple of New Year's resolutions ...

... I only have a couple of resolutions for this year, but I am determined to carry them out:

1) I will write something for my original novel every week day until it is done.
I'm starting today and I intend to use my last hour at work every day for this because I'm in work far more than my working hours require (my beloved drops me off and picks me up, so I'm in an hour and a half more than I need to be every day). I have my trusty laptop with me for just that purpose.

2) I will crawl out of bed at an unholy hour each morning and exercise before I go to work.
It makes me feel better in myself and I know it will be fine once I get into the routine, but it's gonna be hell for a while :). However, I do get to laugh at Rob, since he's going to be doing it too ;).