December 18th, 2006

AB - Vamp love

Dec18, Anita Blake, Anita/JC/Asher, PG

Fandom Advent Calendar
Dec 18
Fandom: Anita Blake
Pairing: Anita/Jean-Claude/Asher
Rating: PG

The fact that some people seemed to be able to fall out of bed and look perfect just wasn't fair. Anita looked at herself in the mirror and wondered if maybe she was a werepanda and just didn't know about it given the big black areas around her eyes. It served her right for falling into bed with Jean-Claude and Asher without taking her makeup off first, but then someone had spiked her punch. It wasn't exactly a Christmas celebration at the Circus because of many of the residents' allergy to religion, but it was definitely in the festive spirit.

Sushi ...

Not only did I find an Asian food shop not five mins walk from Sainsburys, but I made sushi - am proud :). Of course when Rob tried to eat it it nearly killed him, but I liked it. Poor love reacted badly to his parents puppy over the weekend and hence is very sensitive to things like salt when it comes to his asthma and I think it was the sushi vinegar that got to him (he has just gone out for fish and chips - sans salt and vinegar or course :)).

I did cheat in that I used smoked salmon rather than fresh samon in one, but I used prawns in another and omlete in the third. Was very nice.