December 11th, 2006


Dec11, Supernatural, n/a, PG

Fandom Advent Calendar
Dec 11
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: n/a
Rating: PG

"How low can you get," Dean said in what Sam thought was an even more scathing tone than usual; "pretending to be Santa Claus to get to the kids?"

The demon whose party they had just crashed stared at the shotgun in Dean's hand and grinned a very toothy smile. If he hadn't been up all night doing research about what could kill it, Sam would have been worried, but he knew the shells loaded with silver and chilli pepper, of all things, would work like a charm.

"Say bye bye, Santa," Dean said viciously and then emptied both barrels.
Dumbledore laughter

Ramble, ramle and sushi :)

Had my first taste of sushi on Sat at the works Christmas do, and all I can say is yum! I have a phobis about bones in cooked fish so I can't eat it, but this does not seem to extend to raw/cured fish like the tuna in the nori roll and the vodka cured salmon that went with it. The nori roll was so yummy - I want more :).

Other than that though I was rather underwhelmed by our Christams do this year - it was a lovely venue with nice food, but the little touches that have always made me love our Christmas do s were missing. The soul was gone, if you know what I mean; it made me very sad. I wish I hadn't gone, actually, and Ron and I shalln't be going next year.

Onto happier things :).
Many Happy Returns to:
my lovely twin thwax and babydracky for today,
konniemacian, taradiane and corsiva for tomorrow,
nymphadora17 and oconel for the 13th,
titti, dirtykitchensex and abremaline for the 14th,
the fab temaris and hitokuse for the 16th and
eiranea for the 17th
I hope you all have wonderful birthdays.

(As ever, if I have missed you b-day, I'm very sorry, it's because I didn't know about it. If you would like me to know, please comment here and I'll add you to the spreadsheet :))