October 16th, 2006

Remus Friendship

Back at work and back on LJ :)

In the end I was quite glad I all but banned myself from the internet last week - the connection was so flakey that it wasn't worth the effort anyway :). Ended up writing a fairly decent amount, but I think I'll probably get more done now I'm back at work - I always seem to find it easier to write when I'm supposed to be doing other things ::g::.

connotations was brilliant - I heartily reccomend it to all and everyone for next year.

Thank you to all who voted for me in the Sorting Hat Awards - I won in the best Bonding fic category for GTS and the best "Harry with Superpowers" category for The Corruption Sequence. *hugs you all*

Sorry I didn't do the birthdays last week, but I managed to leave my excel spreadsheet on my work PC so I couldn't look them up properly.
Many Happy Returns to:
Apologies for being late
kitty_bamboo, katfusion for the 9th,
ev01pixy for the 10th,
psychobarfly for the 11th,
tyger66 for the 12th,
ninasis, mafan, ravenfrog, babydyke1319, playingwithfyre for the 13th,
cordelia_hunter, dragonfly_lily for the 15th,
hellgirldeity for the 16th,
pixie_pan, tigressa1 for the 17th,
vigdis_vale for the 20th and,
a_worn_pun, gatewaygirl for the 21st