August 16th, 2006

Gackt - on fire

Ramble, ramble ...

I managed to inflict jrock onto the entire office yesterday. Alas this was not part of some master plan to expand the empire of Hyde and Gackt, but was just me accidentally pulling out my headphones from their socket in my computer. Not sure what the chaps thought of Gackt wailing "Black Stone" at the top of his very tallented lungs ::g::.

We've borrowed a guy from a different office to teach us about a product they make and I'm supposed to be shadowing him today, but there are five others with the same aim so we're going to have to time share. Poor chap, he must feel swamped! I'm just going to poke around the application for now and see if I can figure out the answers to my questions myself :).
WK - Aya sword

Stupid bloody muses!!

Aya's angsting again *hits muse over the head with a happy stick*. He's got through Yoji and Ken, but when it comes to Omi he's angsting!!! If you're wondering why this is a problem it's because this is a humour fic - the plot is too absurd for it not to be ... hmmm, maybe I should write the scene from Omi's PoV instead, then Aya can angst all he likes and I don't have to know. If you can't beat them, circumvent then :).
Hyde - stop in the name of love

Fic rec : A Vague and Bodily Sense of Wrongness by da_fidge

Okay, this fic made me laugh out loud lots so I had to rec it. If you like humourous crack!fic you have to read this even if you don't know who Hyde and Gackt are. It is completely hillarious and the humourous characterisation will see you through even if you don't know anything about the jrockers they're parodying.

Author's Summary:
Title: A Vague and Bodily Sense of Wrongness
Author: da_fidge
Rating: R (mostly for swearing, partially for stupid sex references, entirely for the concept of Mpreg)
Summary: Hyde is experiencing a singular problem, and no one seems to grasp the severity of it...possibly not even him.

Fandom: Jrock RPS Hyde/Gackt

The link is to chapter 3, but the links to the previous two chapters are at the top. This really is very, very funny. Oh and it's a WiP.