July 18th, 2006

Hyde - come get


I didn't manage to sleep too well last night; the heat and the fact that the cat has discovered that even though we shut him out of the bedroom he can run round the house and leap in through the window has a lot to do with it :). My brain is fried. I had to abandon my Japanese lesson this morning because I can barely pronounce English so Japanese was a bit of a joke! I did find a great resource for anyone using Pimsleurs Japanese 1 over the weekend though: some kind soul is writing up the lessons here:
Very useful indeed.

Now on to the birthdays for this week.
Many Happy Returns to:
_finn_ for today,
onlyashade and chriswiz19 for tomorrow,
paradise4writin for the 21st,
tazza_di_jo for the 22nd and
wendywoo for the 23rd
I hope you all have wonderful birthdays.