July 13th, 2006

Hyde/Gackt - bet you

Blah, blah and stuff :)

Learning Japanese seems to be going well, I did lesson 10 this morning and I can listen to a pretty rapid conversation about going to lunch and understand it, so I'm quite happy. Takes me longer to say it and I still haven't figured out how to spell it, but well, I'm doing better than I thought I would be. I can order beer or sake, so I'm set and if I ever have to find Hibiya avenue I'm sorted as long as it's "over there" or "here" ::g::.

I'm listening to L'Arc~en~ciel as well as Hyde at the moment, so I'm hearing lots more Japanese and now it sounds like lots of words where the very odd one makes sense, so it's better than the incomprehensible babble it used to sound like :). Their sound is very different to Hyde's solo stuff, but I find myself liking it more and more.

Been chasing my tail at work most of the week since I'm trying to get something in .Net to work and it's being a pig, but I made some progress today. Yay!

I have to get round to writing something for the connotations zine since the deadline is the end of the month, but my brain has been eaten by jrock RPS and they don't take RPS for legal reasons (lots of it at the con *waves at the sparkly popslashers*, but not in the con zine, so I still intend to pimp Gackt/Hyde like there's no tomorrow ::g::). I think I'm going to write Moon Child, but I have this yearning to write Supernatural as well. Maybe I'll do both :). I have H/D bunnies too, but I don't think they'll resolve before the end of the month.

I have a jrock RPS - if you can call what I do with the characters "real" anything - that was supposed to be two scenes; its now 25 pages and growing, which doesn't take into account the 10 page sequel, the sequel after that which has a plot outline and two pages of intro so far or the 13 page sequel after that. It's not quite what I expected when I started writing. I'm sure it's the vampire angle; when you've got a rock star who claims to be a vampire who's over 400 years old it seems that it is irrestable to my brain ... okay, so it is probably to do with the pretty as well, but I'm sure it's mostly the vampire thing.