May 31st, 2006



Today's fic will be up soon - made a small error and sent it to the wrong address for beta *sheepish grin*. I have now corrected that mistake.
Sup - naked Sam and Dean

Fic: Stress Relief, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, NC17/18, Day 31

We are at the end, my friends. Thank you for all your comments, I have loved every one.

Title: Stress Relief (Masturbation challenge 31)
Author: Beren
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17/18
Summary: Sometimes saving the day does not mean saving everyone and Dean knows this, but Sam can't always handle it.
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Remus Friendship


MoMM is finished and I just sent off my hpvamp Conversion Challenge entry so I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. I have really enjoyed May in fandom (now all I have to do is find time to go read all the other lovely mmom fics).

I've taken next week off work so I can get as much written on my original novel as possible. I actually have three in the works, but there is one I really want to get done. I have it all planned out and all the characters in place and I want to sit down and write with nothing to distract me. Due to Rob's hols being Apr to Apr and mine being Dec to Dec and us having finally booked our 10th aniversarry hols at the beginning of next year, I have five weeks holiday this year and he has five days, so I decided to use mine wisely :).
hpvamp Hermione

Vampires and Harry Potter

If you like vampires and you like Harry Potter then you will like the fact the hpvamp is about to start posting the entries for the Conversion Fic/Art Exchange.

If you wish to be able to see the NC17 rated entries you need to be a member. We accept anyone over the age of consent, so in the UK this is 16 and in the US this is 18 etc. There are instructions of how to be approved for membership in the user profile of the comm:

Again we are not a closed comm that require anything weird for membership, just that you are of age for your region. This is because we have art on the comm which may be adult in nature and hence by LJ rules we have to prevent minors from seeing it.

Now is the time to join :).