May 22nd, 2006

Serge - naked wings

Busy weekend ...

... but most fun. Supernatural season 1 part 1 DVDs showed up on Saturday, which was nice considering they didn't come out until today :). I love . Had a dinner party on Saturday evening and hence was preparing all day Saturday. It was a great laugh and the food turned out really well. I'll put the recipes up in another post.

Wrote a little of my hpvamp entry last night and I have to write more tonight to get it finished. Not my usual pairing, although I did manage to slip them in there too ::g::. I have one more Supernatural fic to write for mmom so I have to get that done this week too. Shouldn't be too hard because it's half done already.

I have lots of comments to reply to from the weekend, but its been crazy at work today, so I'm going to have to get to those later. Sorry if you're waiting.

And finally, Many Happy Returns of the day to:
mangobiscuit for the 23rd,
scary_rob for the 24th,
r_macduff, siobhanohare and hellish_icons for the 26th and
magdelena1969 for the 27th
I hope you all have wonderful birthdays.