May 1st, 2006

Sup - Dean knew not to argue

Fic: MMOM Installment listing

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This is the entry listing for my Supernatural mmom answers. The links will be filled in as the stories are posted. All fic is of an NC17/18 or R rating and contains masturbation. This is a list of all the prompts I gave myself and the fics which resulted. For ease I've colour coded the fics: light yellow are Wincest, darker yellow are slash and pink are het.

Fics will be posted in order, so the number next to the fic indicates what day in May is will be posted. The order is completely random - it is just the order the prompts came to me in. The fics are all seperated entities, not connected at all.

[Edit: Since there is vamp canon in Supernatural now I feel I should point out, I haven't seen it yet and the vamps listed below were mostly written before the ep came out. The different fics don't even share the same vampire ethos, let alone the proper canon one :).]

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Remus Friendship

Just a random thought ...

... ater seeing some piccies of Jared from Supernatural - I love a man with bare feet, but I'm really not overly fond of flipflops or open toed sandals. I have yet to figure out exactly why ... hmm.

Oh and Happy Birthday to donnagirl; many happy returns of the day to you.

I'll do my regular bday update tomorrow, when I can see straight again. I was in the car yesterday with the top down and I was an idiot and didn't put anyting in my ear; now I'm feeling it. Balance is all over the shop *pout*.