April 24th, 2006

Sup - naked Sam and Dean

And how is everyone this fine day?

We had a power cut in the office this morning for an hour, so we were all sat around nattering :). Was fun, but dark ::g::.

Watched Nightmares again last night - I think it has to be my favourite Supernatural ep that I have seen so far. I'm up to Hell House in watching the downloads from the US. I spent all weekend trying to write the MMOM fic for Supernatural and thought I was failing, then watched Nightmares and boom; fic occured.
21 and two halves down, eight and two halves to go. The longest so far is 3,750 words (which occured this morning) and the shortest is 248 words.

Looking at the planned PoVs Dean has more fics, but Sam has more words so far and they have the exact same number of fics left to be written each. Sam's obviously more angsty and therefore takes more words and Dean is much more straight forward ;). (Okay so yes I'm anally retentive and have a spread sheet where I'm keeping running totals - it's fun!)

Rob's in Vegas this week so I'm driving myself to work. This means that I get to go home at 3:45 since I've been in since 6:45. Only another hour and a half, yay!