March 24th, 2006

Remus Friendship

I feel there is some confusion ...

... about podcasts. First of all, you do not need an iPod to listen to them, they are just mp3 files and even if you don't download a podcast subscription piece of software for your PC you can just download the files and listen to them in media player or anything else that will play MP3s.

The advantage of a podcast is that it is an RSS feed, so you can subscribe to it and then use your iPod/podcast subscription software to download any updates.

aithine has a marvelous intro to using podcasts here:
Subscribing to podcasts for dummies

Personally I use Juice on my PC, but iTunes is the other way to go.

Hope this clears up the confusion (I was clueless too until several people helped me along).

Poll about Podcast ...

Okay, so now that the podcast has been up a day I was wondering what format suited people best. So those that downloaded it, if you would be so good as to select which version you downloaded, I would be most grateful (that way if I run out of webspace I will know which not to put up in future ::g::).

Poll #697022 Podcast files

If you downloaded the podcast of Corruption, which version did you choose?

The whole fic in one file
The fic seperated into four smaller files