March 14th, 2006


Thanks to all ...

... those who offered their support for the whole arm thing yesterday - the good news is I have discovered the joy of a Neoprene wrist support, that coupled with the fact it's getting better seems to have stopped the stabbing pains and I can again type and use the mouse. Slowly, mind, but still much better than being a lefty only :).

Since it's still taking me a while to type I have not replied to everyone individually, sorry, but thanks to you all. I especially liked the suggestion of leashing a couple of boys to type for me ;).

Did discover that I can make icons with my left hand as long as there is no fancy image manip going on. Made these two yesterday:

as per usual is you would like one or both please feel free to take. A credit in the keywords would be nice.

Birthdays :). Happy Birthday to:
sugata for yesterday,
kupukello and bookworm_2005 for today,
gameazel and anna_blue for tomorrow,
joyslin, inmyth, sapphirequill and lady_rinehart for the 16th,
avioletmermaid for the 17th
quillofdri for the 18th
katemonkey, sorion and inspiredlife for the 19th and
greenhouse3 for the 20th