March 6th, 2006

Remus Friendship

Arghhh ... and other things :)

I've been wrestling with a really annoying piece of ASP all day so I decided I had to come and update before I did something silly like throw my monitor out the window :).

Anyone else here see Bones slash? I have this mental image of Booth and Zack in the shower that will not go away :). Then of course there's the mental image of Angela and Temperance playing with toys. I really must go and look for comms in a minute.

I tried out some of the veggie recipes you lovely people recc'd for me at the weekend and there is one in particular I have to share at the top level of my LJ, because it was just so completely yummy that I cannot let it be overlooked because it's in a comment. semperintheatro gave it to me and it is divine:

Collapse )

I also made feufeu which was a recipe given to me by furor_scribiend and it was yummy.

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Many Happy Returns to:
anansay for the 7th,
luthien and kate_tur for the 8th,
mio_83 for the 9th,
circumchance for the 10th and
seremanwe, noagirl and kagyakusha for the 12th
I hope you all have lovely birthdays.