February 21st, 2006

hpvamp harry

hpvamp has a new fic/art exchange

We at hpvamp are pleased to announce

No Going Back - The Conversion Fic/Art Exchange

This is a fic exchange with a theme and all the details may be found along the link above. It is open to all LJ users, but you will have to be a member of hpvamp to see the NC17 posts, so if you are an HP fan and a vampire fan, come and play with us :).

And points for anyone who can tell me what movie the screen shot I maniped for that above banner came from and why it's quite ironic that it's for a vamp fic exchange :).
Remus Friendship

The perils of sauces ...

... made my chips and bernaise last night; lovely chips but the sauce was truly horrible ::g::. Far too buttery for my taste, and yet I followed the recipe to the letter. I didn't curdle it or anything, but I just didn't fancy eating it :). I will have to try again with a different recipe - I think having a jar of bought sauce that I like next to the cooker and throwing ingredients into my sauce until it tastes the same is a better way to go ::g::. I have a second recipe that puts the tarragon in last rather than cooking it with the shallot which may bring out the flavour of the herb better.

Any one have a fail safe recipe for bernaise sauce?
hpvamp harry

hpvamp joining up

Anyone deciding to join up at hpvamp, don't forget to read the user info for the comm and fill in the age disclaimer.

If you are under the age of consent and so can't join you are very welcome to watch the comm and take part in the fic exchange, but please indicate that you are underage when you sign up to the challenge. That way we will make sure you do not have to write an NC17/18 entry.