February 20th, 2006

Sup - Bleed for you

Greetings on this Monday Morning.

I do hope everyone is doing okay this morning.

Spent most of Saturday cooking, made Steak and Kidney Pudding, home made chips, mash, roast parsnips and carrots and a sour cream chocolate cake with sour cream icing. Had the rest of the family round for dinner and they all seemed to like it. The pudding was my mother's recipe and it turned out very well by all accounts - with the tail end of this cold hanging on my taste buds are rather dull at the moment so I couldn't tell for sure :).

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The choccie cake was a Nigella recipe from her Domestic Goddess book. It was very, very sweet and although it was nice I wasn't overly impressed so I shalln't put the recipe up. If I come up with a version of it I really like, then I'll let the rest of you know ::g::.

Haven't seen last nights ep of Supernatural yet ... it's not fair how they put all the good things on at the same time. There is so little to watch most of the weekend and all the good things are on at 9 o'clock on a Sunday! Ah well, at least it means I can forward through the ads when we watch it this evening ::g::.

Now on to the birthdays. Many happy returns to:
remydesire for the 22nd,
josephsaren for the 23rd,
divine_evil and shytobeknown for the 25th,
alyse for the 27th and
sass_macfru for the 28th.
I hope you all have lovely days.


You really need a frying pan or a sandwich toaster to make a proper croque-monsieur, but you can make one with a toaster and a microwave because I have just done so :). Very yummy lunch, especially because I put some Worcester sauce in there too ::g::.

Yes, you are correct: there is no point to this entry ::g::.

[Edit: Ooh, and I have just bought all the ingredients to make bernaise sauce which I intend to make tonight and serve with home made chips. Wish me luck :).]
Sup - Bleed for you

Looking for recipe recs...

Dear flist, I am in need of your assistance *puppy dog eyes*. I am looking for reccomendations on vegetarian dishes, be they starters or main courses because a) I wish to try some myself and b) I wish to be able to cater in style for my vegetarian friends and I'm a little clueless. I've never been very vegetable orientated, but I'd like to expand my repetoir.

For example, how exactly does one eat an artichoke? I've seen one prepared on TV, but I have yet to figure out which bit you eat ::g::.

Some recipes that do not involve garlic would be good too :). Personally I love the stuff, but I have more than one friend who does not so some with and some without would be lovely.

Thank you in advance for any pointers you can give me.