January 27th, 2006

Hp - Harry bubbles

Don't you just love work ...

...mine announced yesterday that I'm going on a course for the whole of next week, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but my hpvalensmut entry is due on Tuesday, and I had finishing it all planned out over the weekend (Sunday evening was pencilled in for the actual smut part) and now I have to finish it today. We're out all Saturday and I'll be leaving Sunday evening and will have little to no internet access on the course, so for Soph to beta it in time it has to be finished tonight. It wouldn't be a problem except the blasted thing grew a plot!

Oh and for those who were wondering, Bijou's voice came back this morning ... she looked so pleased with herself :).
WK - Aya sword

Don't you hateit when you forget things... and a question

... I was reading through one of my WiPs (procrastinating while trying to figure out what happens next in my hpvalensmut entry) and I reached the point where I stopped. I was interupted while writing and Hary had just been given something from Dumbledore, and do you know wht? I can't bloody remember what he was being given. I know it was important to the story, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is. *pout*

It's one of those fics that popped into my head and was something of a brain dump, and I can't remember where I was going with this part of it. I know the rest of it, but I have no clue what this magical thing Dumbledore left for Harry is. *headsdesk*

Oh well I suppose I'll just have to write it out or come up with someting new for it to be.

Oh and does anyone know if there are any Harry Potter/Weiss Kreuz crossovers out there, or am I the only one who has weird ideas about that combination? Thanks :).
HP - annoyed

Third entry today :)

And this one is to gripe about fanfiction.net. Anyone else want to take their document uploader and do really nasty things to it with a decompiler? It took me four hours to get it to upload "What a girl wants", going back every half hour to see if it had stopped having a hissy fit yet, and it plain doesn't work in Firefox, I have to use IE.

Stupid pile of badly written crap!

It tries to take out all useful formatting so if your file has anything in it is doesn't understand it falls in a heap. I couldn't get HTML to upload at all, had to use the original .doc in the end.
HP - annoyed


Bollock! Bollocks! Bollocks! Bollocks!
I sent the wrong sodding file home! Now I'm going to have to go into work tomorrow and write like a mad thing on Sunday to get my hpvalensmut entry finished.