January 16th, 2006

Dumbledore laughter

Morning all ...

Had my first dinner party after the new kitchen was finished on Saturday night and I believe it was a success :). If the amount of food eaten was anything to go by it was anyway ::g::. I made little finger nibbles for when people arrived, and then haggis crepes with whiskey cream sauce for starter, pork medallions with apricots and prochini for main and two puddings; chocolate fudge cake with raspberries or wine soaked cherries and pears with toasted maderia cake (some people had both :)).

Last night saw John Barrowman on the rerun of Dancing on Ice ... I could watch that man all day; can he move.

And on to the birthdays.
Many Happy Returns to:
shinko for the 10th,
winter_noir for the 12th,
filodea, slashaddict13 and snottygrrl for the 13th,
snailfin, yorkybar and lynntownsend for the 14th,
jadeleopard for yesterday,
epona34 and black_and_bloom for today,
sweeter and libel for tomorrow,
slytherinboyz, sleepfighter and empire3k for the 18th,
anna_lee14414 for the 19th,
medieval1066 and closet_bound for the 20th,
roxyroller121 and son_of_darkness for the 21st and
bassician, girlfrom711 and merlins_lair for the 22nd