January 3rd, 2006

Remus Friendship

I'm back from the madness that was the holiday season :)

Sorry I've been so quiet, December was completely crazy with all the preparations for Christmas, and then when I was finally on hols I was never at home to get online. I am so behind on the birthday greetings, please forgive me as I play catch up.

Many Happy Returns of the day to:
allexandrya, sunhawk6498 and bloodbath83 for the 6th
angelsk for the 7th
bastian1967, snarklebubbles and julietta_lynn for the 8th
carnimiriel, watchpoint and indigocat for the 9th
coniraya and hazelhazard for the 10th
babydracky for the 11th
konniemacian and taradiane for the 12th
nymphadora17 and oconel for the 13th
titti and dirtykitchensex for the 14th
cool_september for the 15th
temaris and hitokuse for the 16th
eiranea for the 17th
jooniper_pearl, xander_e_mage and punk_at_heart for the 18th
nqdonne for the 19th
nix___ for the 20th
wintermoon3, pitchblackrose and lunamazes for the 21st
laurac0re for the 22nd
tartsweetheart and edahs_lanrete for the 24th
lupin_spirit for the 26th
lady_addiction, malpomme, mania_regale and eponin10 for the 27th
helvirago for the 28th
sgcp90 for the 29th
belelfmir for the 30th
scribbulus_ink and atiejen for the 31st
missakins, midnightangel70, bard2003, lizardspots, legomymalfoy and angelofmercy for the 1st
feygan and sdkshelly for the 2nd
a_worn_pun, cocohufflepuffs, skytheuplight and crestoinnocence for today
beldarancara for the 4th
zeenell and ladyclio16 for the 6th
ridicu_liz for the 7th
darcellie for the 8th and
youko_silvara, fireblooms and rae_1985 for the 9th
HP - Twincest

What I've been up to ...

It's been complete madness at home since all of my family have birthdays around Christmas, we finally finished the celebrations yesterday with my mum's birthday. We have a had a wonderful time, but I've had no chance to get online, I do hope you all had a lovely holiday season.

May you all have a Happy and Peaceful New year.

Had some great pressies - I am now the proud owner of a pimp cane *beam*. My beloved bought it for me and I'm going to mount it on the wall (all dacro fault - she put a link to it in her LJ). It's much longer than I expected ... oh err! ;)

I started what was supposed to be a small Christmas H/D offering, but it's sort of grown so it's taking a little longer than expected. Hopefully I should finish it soon and then Soph will look it over for me and I can post it. It was supposed to be about 10 pages and it's up to 25 now and still growing. I was planning on doing some more on it at lunch time today, but I forgot to email it to myself (je suis une idiot!).

For anyone who has problems organising fics, I found a great program in PC World the other day. I'm using it for my original novel rather than fanfic, but I'm planning on puting GTS2 in there as well. It's called "Write Your Own Novel" and is by www.GSP.cc. It allows you to put in characters and events and relationships and ideas and will even format the actual manuscript for you in the end. I've found it very useful in sorting out ideas, and the event timeline chart is very useful indeed. Also if you ever want a Lexicon type web page for reference it can export all your characters and events etc to HTML for you. I have the standard edition and I think the professional edition is a bit more shiny, but I like what I've seen so far.