November 28th, 2005

Remus Friendship

It's been mad, mad, mad, mad, mad ....

... but fun.

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Happy Birthday to:
blaneygreenleaf for the 21st
asimplechord and sparkysparky for the 23rd
lildove42, ccmom and watermelon_chic for the 26th
souliesoul for the 28th
lady_of_asheru and xingou for the 29th
then on into Decemeber
cynicalkarma626, clevermomi and jess_darkwater for the 1st
onethirty, red_rahl, bbombay, wren_chan and chera for the 2nd
sexxypirate for the 3rd and
child_labor for the 4th
I do hope you had/have lovely days.