October 17th, 2005

DW Jack

Afternoon all ...

Been testing today (really really boring) and it has kept me busy until now. I am so glad I finished the test run! :)

Had a lovely time with Kay - did touristy things and shopped and ate and basically had a wonderful few days. Wish I hadn't had to come back to work :). Saw Serenity yesterday evening - very good movie. I have Firefly on DVD, but I haven't ever watched it all, and lets just say I will be now. If you haven't seen Serenity yet then do so - it really is fab.

Yay for Captain Jack getting his own show Torchwood - and an adult show at that. I wonder if they'll get as far as kinky threesomes? ;) Any man with a bod like that *points at icon* deserves his own show.

Made a few icons from the nice influx of new GoF piccies that came out over the weekend:

As ever if anyone shares my bizarre taste in icons please feel free to pinch them. A credit in the key words would be nice though :).

Happy birthday to
tigressa1 and pixie_pan for today,
vigdis_vale for the 20th,
moth1 and gatewaygirl for 21st and
duendeoflorien and loony_moony for the 23rd
many happy returns to you all.