October 7th, 2005

Dumbledore laughter

Crackfic ...

Y'know I was pimping VBS at Connotations at the weekend? Well there was other pimping going on as well and I have been dragged kicking and screaming to discovered the crackfic that is popslash. There's a whole fandom full of it! I kid you not. It's sweet and funny and cute and at times hot :). Do not fear I shall not be writing it, but I had to pass on these links because they have to be read to be believed ::g::.

Y'know in HP, if one of the characters woke up as a llama you'd have to justify it with long and detailed plot points? - Not in popslash *points at second link down*.

...And a Treasure Chest, Too by Kittie, which over the weekend became known as the fish fic - there's humour and trauma and fluff
Walk Like a Camelidae by Lise, also known as the llama fic (this one is hillarious) - fluff and humour and just a smidgeon of angst (and I mean a smidgeon).
and the one I found Rob giggling about is
Things to do in Orlando when you're dead by torch and No pSeud Attached - all I have to say is zombie porn.

P.S. I'm sure there are many long, deep and meaningful fics in popslash, but I'm finding the crack!fic so much fun that I'm really not looking too hard :).
Dumbledore laughter

Google meme

Meme (gakked from sibylle): Do a Google search with "(name) needs", ignore duplicates...)

So my favourite result for "Beren needs" from the first page was this (of course it would have been cooler if Beren was a she, but hey ::g::).

How to kill Beren without cheating
How to disarm Beren without killing him. ... It's probably best to save now, as the next bit needs to be done without error. ...