September 21st, 2005

Draco corrupt

A request for recs (and stuff)

First of all the stuff :).

Happy Birthday to amessis and jamie2109 I hope you both have lovely birthdays.

Secondly onto the request for recs. Okay, so I've been saddled with asked nicely to mod a panel *grins at temaris* at at con I'm going to at the end of the month, and it's about crossovers. Now I have my own favourites and the ones I run screaming away from, but I would like your help in making sure my view point is not too narrow. If you would be so kind I would like recs of your favourite and least favourite crossovers from any fandoms. I'm not going to tell you exactly what the panel is called because it may colour your recs and I want a broad base to draw from. Thank you to anyone who can give me a hand.