August 25th, 2005

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WiP Adoption Comm Poll

Thanks to those who commented about my question yesterday. Subsequent to that, here is a poll to see if it's worth the effort of making a comm :). If there is already a comm out there, please let me know and I'll drop the whole thing, but so far no one has given me an LJ comm that does this.

The idea, WiPs are abandonned all the time for many different reasons, and hence some great stories are never finished. What I envisage is a comm where an author or someone who loves a fic and has gained the author's permission may come and post a fic, or a link to a fic that either the author will never finish or doesn't mind others having a go at finishing, so that others may adopt it. Adoption may involve rewriting what exists and then continuing, or simply continuing from the point the author left off, with full credit to the original of course.

It might even be an idea to set up a volunteer force to trawl places like for WiPS that seem to be abandonned to ask the authors if they would be willing to put them up for adoption. But that's probably getting way ahead of myself ::g::.

So does this idea have potential or is it a waste of space? :) I'm thinking of calling it something like hp_adopt_fic - The Harry Potter Fanfiction Adoption Agency or adopt_fic - The Fanfiction Adoption Agency, depending of if it is fandom specific or not. If you have suggestions for name please feel free to comment.

I would be very grateful if you would be so kind as to fill in the poll and/or comment. Thanks.

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General morning post

Greetings all, I hope you are all well today. I'm falling asleep at my desk for no good reason since I slept like a log last night :).

Please fill in my poll about adopting WiPs. *begs*

Anyone watch Codename Eternity? I'm trying to get into it because the leading man is very pleasing on the eyes, but quite frankly after two eps I'm bored out of my mind. It seems to be in season 2 state site so my question is, does it get better or am I wasting my time?

Happy Birthday to karaz, I hope you have a lovely day.
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Okay, looking at the poll there is interest so I did it.

I have created a comm for adopting fic. It's here: adopt_fic with preliminary rules up.

I've made it mutli-fandom; if that doesn't work too well limiting it is easier than opening it up :).

So what we need now is some co-mods. I was thinking two, but I will go as high as four if there is interest. Modly duties will include making sure all posts obey the comm rules, monitoring the email account I have set up for the comm, and dealing with complaints. Due to the fact that the comm accepts all types of fic, mods must be 18 or over.
Any takers? - please comment

Also I was thinking that it might be an idea to be proactive, and so I have also created the roll of fic hunter. A fic hunter's job will comprise of surfing to find unfinished WiPs that appear abandoned and then emailing the author to ask politely if our comm would be allowed to play with the fic. There will need to be guidelines set up for doing this, but I figured anyone interested at this stage could have input into that. Fic hunters may be any age. If you are interested in being a fic hunter please go here and comment.

Just a quick thought before I head to choir practice ...

How do people prefer that others crosspost?

Personally I prefer if a person does it all at the same time so that I see a whole load of posts on my flist and know that they are all the same thing so I can ignore the duplicates, but I have seen opinions where people prefer others to crosspost over time.

Any thoughts?