July 29th, 2005


Birthdays and Definition of "Smut"

Happy Birthday to eyoko and koyappi - many happy returns to you both.

Okay, so something on a friend's LJ got me thinking that sometimes even though we think we speak the same language we actually mean other things, and I was wondering about the definition of the word "smut". What does it mean to each of us? So I created a poll :). I would be most insterested to see what people think, thanks.

Poll #541839 Definition of Smut

What do you think the definition of "smut" is?

Anything involving sex (smut = erotica or porn or fluff)
Sexual situations with fondling and kissing (PG13ish)
Fluffy sex, but nothing too graphic (R)
Graphic sex (NC17)
Consensual sex any rating
Other (please specify)


If you'd like to comment with a longer opinion please do.
HP - Seeker

Hubba ...

I just caught Johnny Depp on The Making of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I can only think they caught him when he was filming PotC 2 because - hubba. There's the goatie and tache and the chest; oh god the chest!