June 23rd, 2005


Mornin' how is everyone today?

First off, I'm sorry I didn't do this yesterday; I didn;t have time in the morning and then completely forgot I hadn't done it:
Happy birthday to girlsigh, defiant2 and lolipop_gestapo for yesterday and aryas_zehral today. I do hope you all had/have a lovely day and enjoy(ed) yourselves. *hugs*

Secondly, thank you to everyone who replied to my little apology post last night, you're all so very supportive. I really dislike not having things ready for when I said they'd be ready, but I think my brain leaked out of my ears ::g::. Hopefully, after Friday everything at work should calm down: it's all for a demo to win a contract you see, hence the short notice, but its the most comprehensive demo I've ever been involved with. It's not just proof of concept, the damn thing actually works! There are only two of us working on it and we've been going a little mental :).

I have to run back to said code now, so ta ta for now. *hugs*