June 9th, 2005


Hello, this fine morning.

Still having the weird dreams, and no Stella in sight so I'm blaming it on the weather. Funny - I can tell exactly where the elements of the dreams are coming from :). Last night's was actually quite entertaining and was a cross between Blade, Anita Blake, Virtuosity and Star Trek.

Happy Birthday to prozacnation and the_gwyllion, I hope you both have great days.

The H/D/N scene for BM2 is driving me mad - I'm on try number five. I have the end, and lots of bits in between, but can I start it properly? Can I hell. Soph's already beta'd the rest and it's with the second beta, but I get the feeling the sex scene is going to be an overnight beta before posting tomorrow. How can it be that hard? The other sex scene for the next section was easy, and that involved furry sex, which you'd think would be harder. *bangs head against table for inspiration* Thank you so much for listening to my self pitying wail - I shall now go back to trying to finish the damn thing.
AB - Pomme de sang

I did it!

*does happy little dance* I finished the bloody scene - it's only taken me all week! It's seven and a half page long, and it finally does what I wanted it to do. Now I just have to wait for Soph's verdict :).
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