June 4th, 2005


Good morning...

A plea to all hpvamp members - we are lacking in entries for the archive layout competition. There is a poll about it here: poll. Please go and give your opinion.

I asked Rob if I could buy a permenant account yesterday, and he said yes, so now I'm sitting waiting for Tuesday so I can buy one. My other LJ is a permenant account, but by the time I made this one they weren't selling them any more and this one has become my main home. I had almost given up hope that they would be doing them anymore.

Need to go reply to comments now, but need to have a shower first ::g::. Crawling out of bed and straight on the the computer is not wise ;).
hermione sane?

My latest toy...

my latest toy is a Smoothie maker, and I'm addicted to it. Just had an iced strawberry and yoghurt smoothie for my tea - very yummy. I have finally found a way that I like to eat fruit - yay!