May 9th, 2005


Good morning (almost afternoon I suppose)

My b-day reminders are being flakey again so please forgive me if I get it wrong :).
Happy Birthday to bellslave for the 7th, and pornography for the 8th, I hope you both had lovely days.

I see lots of people are doing the WiP meme - there are some very interesting looking lists out there.

To all who have joined my flist recently - do any of you wish to be on the Anita Blake filter? All the fic is posted publically, but the AB filter is for discussing anything to do with that universe (so as not to spam the HP watchers on this journal). If you would like to be added, comment here and I'll slot you in.

[Edit: some good links if you would like to know more about Anita Blake are: The Anita Blake Character Guide
The Anita Blake Compendium]

Anita musings ...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a triumvirate is usually made up of a vampire, their human servant and a lycanthrope (their animal to call), is it not? So does this mean that if Anita had become a lycanthrope when Gregory accidentally gored her that it would have unbalanced the triumvirate? Or does it just have to be that way when it is set up? Or would it have made the triumvirate even stronger?

I was lying in bed last night and this just popped into my head. Theories, opinions?
hermione sane?

Sometimes my brain is an odd place...

... just had a 2500 word scene broadside me with no warning. I think chapter 34 of BM2 might be a little longer than expected ::g::.

Saw Hero yesterday - superb film. I didn't like Crouching Tiger at all, and this has been compared to it quite a lot, but Hero was brilliant. Even Rob loved it :).

Now I have to watch Troy. It's the only other epic waiting for me at home, I've watched the rest I have on DVD, but i also have an urge to rewatch Gladiator.