April 7th, 2005


Good morning

First off, Happy Birthday to aprillily, wonapalei and periodicstorm (I'm taking semagic's word for it here ::g::).

Second - sorry to all waiting for replies and the like; one of the chaps I work with left last week and we only found out the lunchtime of his last day. We were working on a project together, and now it's all mine, so I've been lacking in online time at work. At home I'm being sucked in by the Crossover of Doom (TM) so I haven't been paying attention, please forgive me. All the posts are still listed in my inbox and I will reply to them soon.

I did get a chance to make a couple of icons though:

(Okay so I did rather enjoy maniping pictures of semi naked men ;)).

[Edit: I forgot to add - I am using the icons, but I don't mind sharing. If you would like to take them, please do, just credit in the keywords.]