March 10th, 2005


Apology/Anita Blake

Firstly I changed my layout again - I've gone for component and haven't played with it that much, so hopefully no one will have issues with it.

Waiting for replies
Sorry to those who are still waiting for replies - I was supposed to be at home last night with my laptop, but I ended up at my parents with a book instead thanks to the UPS at Rob's work blowing up and him having to help sort it out. I will get to them as soon as I can look at the post.

Anita Blake
Since this is my Harry Potter journal, but I suspect I will witter on about Anita Blake quite a lot for a little while I have set up an Anita filter. All those who commented on my last post are on it. If you want to be on it as well so you can see my insane ramblings on this topic, comment here and I'll add you.

Burnt Offerings

First post on my AB filter ::g::.

I read Burnt Offerings last night - what a wonderful book. I'm afraid I cheated because I haven't read the ones between Lunatic Cafe and BO yet, but I decided I could not wait to see Nathaniel and Asher. Both of them aren't in it that much, but even with so little input I love them already.

Richard's being somewhat of a dick isn't he. I can understand being upset that Anita ran away from him, but he really needs to get over his whole 'I hate myself' thing or he's going to be a shit Ulfric. From what I've seen of him in this book the sooner someone outs him and he learns to accept who and what he is, the better! I may of course change my opinion as I read the subsequent books.

Jean-Claude - ooh, now there's a honey. I'm greatly looking forward to reading more about him. There's such a difference between LC and BO that I look forward to reading the transition eventually - but I need to know the current situation, as if were, before I delve into the books I have skipped. I'm strange like that - it doesn't really bother me what order I receive information, as long as I have it all eventually.

Zane - I like him. He really doesn't have much of a clue, but I like him.

Jason - ooh, loved Jason in this one. The whole scene with the council was just so enthralling.

I really enjoyed every page of this book, and even though I'd read a synopsis so I thought I knew what was going to happen, it was entirely different to what I imagined. A very rich book. Nasty in places, but ultimately very satisfying.

Question that's been bothering me - eyesight

Lycanthropy - would it cure bad vision?

Arguments for:
LKH mentions Richard smelling things, and being faster and stronger and allround better for being a werewolf. This would suggest that the physiology completely changes when a person is infected.
I've seen seeing in the dark mentioned in fanfic as well, but I'm not sure if this is fanon.

Of course different animals would probably have different effects, but I'm thinking more of the leopards and wolves here.

Arguments against:
Irving wears glasses.

Opinions please :).