February 24th, 2005


In case you were wondering ...

I have not vanished off the face of the planet :).
I was away all weekend and came back from SG-9 with a cold (looks hard at leyenn and starlaces - it was one of you who gave it to me, I know it was!) so I was mostly in bed feeling sorry for myself for two days. Then yesterday all the new office furniture arrived at work so we were somewhat disrupted. Normal viewing has now been restored so I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed. The furniture people tried to put my desk facing a corner again, but the other guys in the office helped me move it so I have my own little cubby hole now ::g::. I get completely paranoid if I can't see the rest of the room - stems from my mutual hatred with my PhD supervisor and I just can't shake it, even though the environment in which I work now is lovely and nothing like postgrad was at all.
*hugs to one and all*

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