November 18th, 2004


In case anyone's wondering ...

I'm over a week behind replying to emails, but I'm getting there. And there reason no word count has gone up in a while is that what with the con, being ill and having no weekend to speak of last time, I'm way behind and my total count is so far behind that it's embarassing to post :). I have, however, been writing again every day since Monday and my word count for the last three days has been very respectable, but I'm not posting the total again until I've caught up a bit ::g::. Yes, I'm a coward ;).
hermione sane?

New fic only journal

Okay, so I was looking at my friends list, which is standing at 703, and since you can only have 750 I thought I'd do something about it before I hit the limit.

I have created a new fic only journal beren_fic_only and put up all my fic there as well. That journal will lag behind this one when fic is posted, since this is still going to be my main journal and everything will be posted here first, but if you are here for just the fic and don't mind the delay, you're welcome to mosey on over there. However if you friend the fic only journal I will assume you no longer wish to be friended on this one whether you unfriend me or not and I will unfriend you from this one. Having people friending both would rather bugger up the whole idea :).

I'm doing this because I like to friend back everyone who friends me in case something happens which means I have to go friends only in fic terms.

If I reach the friends limit on this journal I will automatically point any new people at the fic only journal.

[Edit - Have changed the new journal to a comm so that I won't ever run out of friends space again no matter what (not that I think I'll ever get there, but you never know). Membership is moderated, but that's only so I can spot trolls before they join. Only I can post, but anyone can respond to posts. For the same level of access as a friend to a personal journal, join and I will then approve the membership.]